About me

My name is Ehko Merlo, Japanese, who lives in Winterthur, Switzerland with my husband and 2 children.

I have graduated School of Homeopathy (UK), but my interest has been growing towards Kinesiology, and all sorts of healing.

As my life has become much happier with light and love through therapy and spirituality, I wish I can give some hands to others to release from their suffering. I wish more people be happy with love and peace.

My quality:

Classic Homeopathy practitioner/ School of Homeopathy, UK, graduate (2017)

Brain Update Tuning fork therapist
Brain Update Online coaching 2nd graduate(2018)
HSK Kinesiology instructor / café, chakra, peach touch
Touch for Health attendance/ Level 1-4, metaphor
Brain Gym attendance / 101(I&II), In Depth., Vision Circle, Double Doodle, O.B.O. (Optimal Brain Organisation)
Quantum Entrainment (by Dr. Frank Kinslow) attendance / Basic, Advance
Sound training (by Dr.John Beaulieu) attendance / module I&II
How to release pain (by Matthew Thie)

The teachers whom I have learned. ( in alphabetical order).  I feel grateful for their deep knowledge and  experiences.

Amy Choi, Brigitte Wiesendanger, Chikako Misaki Chizuru Mori, Eva Derrer, Dr. Frank Kinslow, Janet Snowdon, Dr.John Beaulieu, Karen Leadbeater,,Kiriko Hattori, Kurt Studer, Matthew Thie, Misha Norland, Patricia Wüest, Regina Biere, Rika Kanashiro, Sinji Tanaka, Wayne Topping, Yoko Aminaka, Yukino Shirakihara, Yuko Tanaka