How to do Kinesiology session by Skype?

  I had never thought that I would write about online session, because I am extremely analog person. We never know what happens in the life. Any way whatever happens, happens for good for.

In 2011, since I could not go to a Homeopathy school because our children were still small, so I looked for a E-learning course. That time there were not so many E-learning course to learn Homeopathy, but I finally found School of Homeopathy directed by Misha Norland in UK, which was really professional and good quality. It might be the first contact with a therapy by internet method. In 2015, I have to use Skype for Supervision for this course, and I also have used Skype to take cases. Anyway it was understandable method.

I had never expected to learn Kinesiology by online. You know, because Kinesiology is method to test muscles. Everyone who knows about Kinesiology a bit may think “No way!“.

In that sense, Mr. Shinji Tanaka is really unique and evolved therapist. He has been posting over 1000 Kinesiology sessions to You Tube. Since Kinesiology is new in Japan, I think his challenge with the modern SMS is amazing contribution. By his You Tube, many people feel that I wish he can treat my stress, or I wish I can change myself like this client. I was one of them.

In 2018, Shinji has got an idea to start his online-coaching, which approaches to Japanese people in the world by online, which was great chance for me. Especially it is very hard for us to express our emotion and mind in foreign language, which is too delicate subject. Moreover we can not go back to Japan so often, nor not so many people have the chance to stay very long term if you have family or job in your residence country. I am sure that so many Japanese feel this way. I am one of them.

Moreover I can learn Kinesiology from such excellent therapist, which was really great chance. He focuses on the life itself deeply, that connect with truth, oneness, and universal love, which was very interesting. But, well, how does he teach the muscle test?

With his guidance, we test our muscle by ourselves, massage the neuron-lymphatic points, neuromuscular points, acupressure holding points, follow the meridian pathway also by ourselves, make some image or visualization, then check the testing muscle. Actually more people seem to be much more relaxed by checking by themselves.

Of course, it could be the best way that we go to a therapist to get a session face to face. Also some needs more physical contact, others dislike online telephone and make it importance to meet in real.

But for someone might have problem to live in distant place, some might be foreigner who have problem with local language, and does not mind to do session by Skype and accept to do by herself with the guidance, have good effect by online sessions.

Also they say that tuning fork therapy has more effect to be in distant place. The power of the frequency of tuning forks is similar mechanism as wave on the ocean, which means that the wave in distance is small, but the closer to the shore, the bigger it becomes.

I have done more than 30 Skype sessions, and every session showed same effect as real session. I show my client how to test her muscle, and let her feel it. And more and more my body feels the one of client. Of course I ask her to confirm with her body, and agree each other.

The recent study on the brain in Switzerland, says that when two persons face each other and communicate each other, something like telepathy occurs in each frontal cortex. I have a strong hunch that in the field of quantum as the form of internet communication system, something is evolving.

As there is already 4D films, we might be able to send the fragrance by internet in near future. Then the aroma therapy by online would be possible to be given.