Meridians / Lymphatic Massage

This techniques was discovered in the development of Kinesiology.

This massage works on the muscle,
Neuro-lymphatic points,
Spinal reflex points,
Neuro-vascular points, etc.
which are related to the basic 14 meridians in your body

This massage will support the balance of your body.

You can also do it online.
You follow my guidance and touch or rub the point.
The effect is the same as a face-to-face session.

Duration: 60 minutes

Kinesiology Session

It is suitable for people who feels

frustrated every day.
having trouble with my relationships.
not be able to concentrate.
my life is not going well.

have trouble reading books.
have difficulty learning languages.
handwriting is dirty.
difficult to balance the left and right sides of the body.

have some physical problems, but they may be caused by mental stress.
want to be healthy both physically and mentally.

Session flow

1 Listening to your concerns and setting goals 

First, you talk about your concerns and stresses.
Things that are not going well, mental or physical, indicate to you the challenges in your life.

Therefore, by first setting goals for what you want to do and how you want to be,
which supports your subconscious mind in that direction.

2 Kinesiology methods to release stress

In sessions, I use Kinesiology method, which is the use of muscle reactions
to connect your subconsciousness to clarify the causes or related matters,
and then use muscle reflexes to select the adjustment method
to harmonize your body and mind.

Stress is very often connected to past experiences, emotions, and beliefs.
When you release the stress of that past,
awareness occurs,
which affects you in the present, and changes what is happening now.

Therefore, by setting a goal of what you want to do and how you want to be,
you can make your subconscious mind move towards it.

The experiences and assumptions which was made in the past
that are related to stress are clarified by muscle reflexes,
some muscle testings are used
to find the brain regions, meridians and acupuncture points which is related to it,
and by lightly touching the head or body part, it will be released.

In many cases,
emotions have been suppressed and covered up due to minor events in the past,
or assumptions have been made and the mind has been set in that pattern.
By becoming aware of these emotions and minds through the sessions,
negative emotions, the effects of past bad experiences,
and the inner child will gradually disappear,
and the mind will flow and become calm.

In some cases, negative emotions such as anger may come up,
but this is a good sign
because it means that the emotions you have suppressed in yourself have come up.
We use this as an engine to release them in the next session.

Session place

Wülflingen, CH-8408 Winterthur, Kanton Zurich, Switzerland
(10min. by bus from Winterthur station, and walk ca.8 min.)

Online session is also available
*Aroma method is not available by online session.

Session Price

Child (0-15years old):about 30 min./40 CHF

Adult( from 16 years old) for example

Meridians, Lymphatic and Massage
60 minutes (70CHF)

Stress release
60 minutes (70CHF) to 90 minutes (100CHF)

Long-term physical ailment that seems to be mentally related
60 minutes (70CHF) to 90 minutes (100CHF)

Mental support
60 minutes (70CHF) to 90 minutes (100CHF)

*Payment is by cash, Twint, Paypal or e-banking at the session.
*For online sessions, please transfer the session fee via PayPal, Wise,or Twint immediately after the session.  
*Swiss insurance is not accepted. Credit card is not acceptable.
*If you are single mother or low income, fees are not limited to this.