Goal setting

At first I listen to your problem, then you set some goal. It is good to have problem, which you can change it into the theme of your life. By setting the goal, your subconsciousness start to act to go towards it.


The strength and weakness of muscle can tell us about stress. If you have stress, the muscle become loosen.

In Kinesiology session, I use this system of muscle to find what is behind, the core of this stress or problem. It might connect the past when you have experienced with certain stress or certain belief, which create stressful events repeatedly.

For adjustment, some of Kinesiology methods like emtional reliease point, 14 Meridians, coordination of right and left brain are used.

Tuning fork

Tuning forks have beeb used in the medical field. Also the frequency is used for pilots to cancel noise during flight.

In therapy, the frequency of the tuning fork permeates into the subconscious and it neutralize the old frequencies in your life, and it will help you to change the frequency to a positive life. Through muscle test, it will find the right frequency which subconscious needs, for example the one of Chinese 5 elements, of the Octatonic scale, of the Fibonacci sequence, or one of solar planet.


  Aroma works on the sense of smell, which is close to the brain and changes the subconscious positively.

I use the aromas connected to the 14 meridians, or 7 chakras.


Affirmations become energy to support your life. Use muscle reflexes to select the affirmations you need right now from affirmation books, Oracle cards, and more.

You will gradually realize that the reality you are experiencing and the world around you are actually created by your mind, emotion or belief. When the mind changes, the reality that you see changes. If you change, the around you also change.

Note : Some emotion might appear more after session, which means the emotion had been hidden and suppressed inside of your self. For this case you need more sessions later.

Session place

Wülflingen, CH-8408 Winterthur, Kanton Zurich, Switzerland
(10min. by bus from Winterthur station, and walk ca.8 min.)

Online session is also available
*Aroma method is not available by online session.

Session Price

Child (0-15years old):about 30 min./39 CHF

Adult( from 16 years old)

Consultations (stress, relationships, etc.)
—– 60 minutes (CHF 70) to 90 minutes (CHF 100)

Coordination of reading, writing and language learning:
—– 30 minutes (CHF 40) to 60 minutes (CHF 70)

Acute mental and physical adjustments:
30 minutes (CHF 40) to 60 minutes (CHF 70)

*Starting at CHF 40 for 30 minutes, the fee is increased by CHF 10 for every 10 minutes.

*The subconscious mind does not accept a lot of information at once as it tries to change through sessions. For this reason, we try to limit each session to a single theme and goal, and try to keep it to 90 minutes at the most, so don’t worry, I won’t charge you any more than this.

*Payment is by cash, Twint,Paypal or e-banking at the consultation.
*For Skype sessions, I ask you to deposit via PayPal, Twint or e-banking immediately after the session.  
*Swiss insurance is not accepted. Credit card is not acceptable.
*If you are single mother or low income, please feel free to contact me.