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Harmony Winterthur

Counseling & Natural therapy in Winterthur (Switzerland)
to support your body and mind in harmony.

Let`s go back to true yourself!

I often feel negative,
Very fearfulI, but I do not know why
I can not have good relationship
I feel stress in my work
I can not concentrate …

When you feel disorder of your body, it is telling you that something is in disharmony. It is said that 80% of disorders connect with emotion and mind. Also it might come from disharmony of brain system. When you are not true yourself, this kind of disharmonical state happens. If you live your life with harmonized true yourself, you will lead happy life. So it is very natural way to heal not only your body, but also your mind and emotion.

   In the session, at first I counsel your stress, set the goal for your life, then use some methods of Kinesiology, show you certain massage points, meridian lines, movements of body, listen to the sound of tuning forks, make certain imaging, and so on. In some cases, some advice of diet, movement of your body or meditaiton.

Once you go back to true yourself, you will feel peace, relax, filled with love, be able to choose your life by yourself, not controlled by others, and be able to go on your life forward, not going back to past nor future, but stand now here. When your view changes, you will see the world in different way.

Skype session is also available, which gives you similar effect as real session.     ( Please accept that aroma method is not available by skype session.)