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Harmony Winterthur

Counseling & Natural therapy in Winterthur (Switzerland)
to support your body and mind in harmony.

Let`s go back to true yourself!

I often feel negative,
Very fearfulI, but I do not know why
I can not have good relationship
I feel stress in my work
I can not concentrate …

  When you feel disorder of your body, it is telling you that something is in disharmony. It is said that 80% of disorders connect with emotion and mind. Also it might come from disharmony of brain system. When you are not true yourself, this kind of disharmonical state happens. If you live your life with harmonized true yourself, you will lead happy life. So it is very natural way to heal not only your body, but also your mind and emotion.

   In the session, at first I counsel your stress. The stress is not a problem, but is a theme for your life. Originally our mind is nothing but love, but after we get life, we human has been reacting to any tiny events by our mind, emotion, and also through the stressful dairy life beyond the natural rythm, we are painting various colours on our mind and body. The mind pattern has been build up, huge number of memories are imprinted in cells and muscles, and all of them respond to similar stress in a patterned manner and accumulates. Then we feel it as stress and fatigue.

Meditation or yoga may be the ways to return it to nothing, original state of mind. They are the ancient methods that are really useful. However, if you are worried or stressed, or if you feel unwell, it is quite difficult to meditate or do yoga peacefully.

Kinesiology, tuning fork therapy, aromatherapy, and other therapies, or the alternative medicine such as homeopathy will help you during the condition of stress. (For more details on these, please see the blog)

This session is focused on relieving stress, remembering the time associated with it and releasing it. The present stress is connected to the past without fail. Releasing the stress of the past will affect presence and change the reality in front of you now. You will gradually realize that the reality you are experiencing and the world around you are actually created by your mind. When the mind changes, the reality that you see changes. If you change, the surroundings will change.

For example, suppose you have a hearing disorder. The reason for this is that you heard a quarrel of your parents when you were 14 years old, which you may notice and accept You may also notice some emotions that you were not aware of at the time, such as “I was afraid to be thrown away” and “I was afraid of my father’s voice” by listening deeper to the body.

This awareness occurs in natural and gentle way. By noticing, the old patterns of past events that had been spinning around in the back of the head will be disappeared, and you can think positively. As a support, I will guide you to touch specific points on the body, let you do simple movements, let you listen to the tuning forks, or give some affirmation.

Once you go back to true yourself, you will feel peace, relax, filled with love, be able to choose your life by yourself, not controlled by others, and be able to go on your life forward, not going back to past nor future, but stand now here. When your view changes, you will see the world in different way. I am glad if I can give you hand.

Skype session is also available, which gives you similar effect as real session.     ( Please accept that aroma method is not available by skype session.)