幸せ;自分の家にいて全く~でないだろう happy, that he will never be, in his own house : Ars.

視覚と聴覚 sight and hearing, of : Eup-pur.

叱る;義務を怠ると叱って当然である reproach, has neglected duty and deserves : Aur.

時間;~の誇張 time, exaggeration of (「時間」参照): Cann-i., cann-s., nux-m., onos.
  まだ早いと思う seems earlier : Sulph.

死刑執行人の幻 executioner, visions of an : Stram.

地獄の入り口で、自分の罪を告白させられる hell, at gate of, obliged to confess his sins : Agar.
  ~の影に;夜中に目が覚めて in shadows of, midnight, on waking : Cann-i.
  ~にいるis in : Camph., cann-i., merc.
  説明できず、苦しめられる suffers the torments of, without being able to explain : Merc.

仕事;一生懸命する work, is hard at : Rhus-t., verat.
  ~で邪魔される is hindered at : Chin.
  ~は自分を害するだろう will do him harm : Arg-n.

仕事;空想で働いている business, fancies is doing : Bell., bry., canth., cupr., phos.
  自分は仕事に合わない unfit for, that he is : Croc.
  普通に遂行していると思う thought they were pursuing ordinary : Ars., atro., bell., plb., stram.

施設に送られる asylum, that she will be sent to : Cench.

;木でできている tongue made of wood : Apis.
  引張り出す pulling out : Bell.
  眠りかかる時、~が雲に届くと思える seems to reach the clouds when going to sleep : Pic-ac.
    長すぎる too long : Aeth.

死体 corpses (「死人」参照)

死体;ひつぎの上 corpse on a bier : Anac., cann-i.
  いない知り合いの~がソファにあって恐い of absent acquaintance on sofa and has dread : Ars.
    死んだ兄(弟)と子供 dead brother and child : Con., plb.
    夫 husband : Plb.
    姉妹 sister : Agar.
    tall yellow, trying to share bed with him and promptly ejected : Bell

  自分自身が死んだ that he himself was dead : Anac., apis., camph., cann-i., lach., phos., stram.
    自分の子供が死んだ her child was dead : Kali-br.
    自分の母親が死んだ his mother is dead : Lach.

  切断された~ mutilated : Ant-c., arn., con., mag-m., merc., nux-v., sep.

失敗;すべて~するだろう fail, everything will : Act-sp., arg-n., aur., merc., nux-v., sil.

死ぬ;自分は死にかかっていると思う die, thought he was about to :Acon., arg-n., bar-c., cann-i., chel., croc..,cupr., kali-c., lac-d., nit-ac., nux-v., petr., podo., rhus-t., stram., thuj.

  while walking thinks he will have a fit or die, which makes him walk faster : Arg-n.
  死ぬ時が来た time has come to : Ars., bell., lach., sabad., thuj.
  死んで、すぐに解剖されるwould, and soon be dissected : Cann-i.

死んでいる;自分は~ dying, that he is : Cann-i., nux-v., rhus-t., stram.

死んだ;すべてが dead, everything is : Mez.
  死人:~が見える persons, sees : Agar., alum., am-c., anac., arg-n., arn., ars-i., ars., bar-c., bell., brom., bry., calc., canth., caust., cocc., con., fl-ac., graph., hep., hura., hyos., iod., kali-ar., kali-br., kali-c., kali-p., lach., laur., mag-c., mag-m.,nat-c., nat-m.,nat-p.,nit-ac., nux-v., op., ph-ac., phos., plat., plb., ran-s., sars.,sil., stry., sul-ac., sulph., thuj., verb., zinc.

     朝目が覚めて、その姿に驚く morning on waking, frightened by images of : Hep.
    夜中に目が覚めて midnight, on waking : Cann-i.
    all her friends are dead and she must go to a convent : Lac-d.

;離れ島にいる island, is on a distant : Phos

自慢げ proud : Plat., stram., verat

周囲が大きい surroundings, capacious, are : Ferr.

従事する;ある職業に engaged in some occupation, is : Acon., ars., atro., bell., cann-i., cupr., hyos., lyss., plb., rhus-t., stram., verat.

  普通の職業に in ordinary occupation : Ars., atro., bell., plb., stram.

修道院へ行かねばならないだろうと思う convent, thinks she will have to go to a : Lac-d

重力がない weight, has no : Cann-i., op.

縮小する diminished : Cann-i., cinnam., grat., lac-c., sabad., sulph.
  小さい small : Grat.
  縮まる;部分的にshrunken, parts are : Sabad.
  全身が whole body is : Agar.
  左半身の方が小さい left side of body is smaller : Cinnam.
  腹部が落ち込んでいる abdomen has fallen in : Sabad.
  部屋の物全て~し、自分は背が高くなる everything in room, is while she is tall and elevated : Plat.
  細くもある thin, is too : Thuj.
  短い short : Lac-c.

出血後 hæmorrhage, after : Chin-a

授乳していた;自分の子に〜 nursing her child, that she was : Atro

使用人;~を解雇しなければならないと思う servants, thinks he must get rid of : Fl-ac.

上昇する;空中で elevated in air : Nitro-o.
  高度まで運ばれる carried to an elevation : Oena.
  寝床が上昇する bed were raised : Canth.

障害がある:身体に disabled, that she is : Cit-

消滅に陥りそう annihilation, about to sink into : Cann-i., carb-h.

女王だと思う;自分は queen, thinks she is : Cann-i.

女性;実家がわいせつな~に占領されたと空想する women, fancies his mother’s house is invaded by lewd : Kali-br.

  女は悪魔で自分の魂を傷つけるだろう evil, are, and will injure his soul : Puls.
  老齢で皺がよった~の幻 illusions of old and wrinkled : Calc-sil., cann-i.

シリンダーのように見える cylinder, seemed to be a : Cann-i

や宮殿が見える castles and palaces, sees : Plb.

心身分離 mind and body separated : Anac., thuj.

人生;過去の出来事はすべて車輪の上を速く回る象徴life, symbols of, all past events revolve rapidly on wheels : Cann-i.
  脅かされる is threatened : Kali-br.

心臓疾患にかかって死ぬだろう heart diseases, is going to have, and die : Lac-c.
  大きすぎる too large : Lach.

神秘的;周りのすべてがぞっとするほど~ mystery, everything around seemed a terrifying : Cann-i.

新聞を見たと思う newspapers, thinks he sees : Atro.

信頼;友人が自分に対する~を全くなくした confidence in him, his friends have lost all : Aur., hura