How to release your negative beliefs

From the time we come into the world, under certain stresses that are “for you”, you react to the stress, which is negative thoughts, emotions, etc. Then patterns of biased belief, definitions, band misconceptions which are not truth, are imprinted on our subconscious.

I use the word “belief” here.

This “belief” means that whatever happen is neutral, but in response we either don’t care, or we make positive or negative belief.

Positive beliefs bring a sense of well-being, while negative beliefs cause a stressful reality for you that continues to repeat itself until it is resolved.

Also, your parents’ beliefs influence your subconscious, not only after birth, but also when you are in your mother’s womb.

Your belief about the traditions, customs and habits of the family and society to which you belong can also, of course, have a great influence on your subconscious.

And the unresolved beliefs that you have experienced in past lives are carried over into this life and become the themes for your transition to happiness. In other words, you can see the patterns of your past life beliefs in the here and now.

For example, what beliefs do we have?

He / she doesn’t like me.

He / she is saying bad things about me.

People don’t like me.

Everyone is my /our enemy.

I can`t. There is no way I can do it.

They must dislike me when I say / do this.

It can`t be that easy.

Frog’s children are frogs.

I am OK.

I don`t have any ability / money. How come I can do it?

No one listen to me.

How come his /her/my character will change?

There is no money coming to me.

Money changes people, it is scary thing.

Women are supposed to serve men.

I am like a servant.

“You are elder, so that …”

Because I am a man / woman, so that …

I should not say my feeling, desire, opinion, etc.

I should not become higher position /ability than them.

In my country, we do this way, we should not do this way.

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In fact, it is very easy to change these negative beliefs into positive ones.

What? It can’t be that easy.

This is your “belief”. If you want to make it a long way, it’s only up to you to decide so.

The universe listens to your thoughts and shows them to you in the real world. If you think, “They don’t like me,” the universe will show you a situation where they do.

So if I have a clear belief that the money will keep coming in, it will?


First of all, the way reality happens will be different for each individual depending on what you did in your previous and current lives.

And universe will give you as you want.

But there are cosmic laws of love, peace, and justice, so if you go too far or do something that is not in line with the laws of the universe, there will be consequences.

On the other hand, it will also happen that even you are in the worst of situations, someone will always give you hand of love.

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How to release negative beliefs

1) Look for the “beliefs” that you are repeating.

What are your beliefs when you are stressed? What are your patterned and entrenched beliefs? Make it into a short, clear sentence.

2) Next, think about what kind of positive thoughts you would feel truly happy, if you could change those negative thoughts into what kind of positive thoughts.

What is your heart really saying?

Make those thought into a short, clear sentence.

In this case, it is important to note that it is not about changing the other person, but only about what you do,think or how you are.

3) First, declare to the heavens, clearly and earnestly, three times, “I will let go of my beliefs from 1)”. This can be done out loud or speak in your heart.

4) Next, declare 2) to heaven three times, “I am/do…”.

5) Take three deep breaths.

For example, let’s say you have a recurring pattern of heartbreak : “He rejected me because something about me was not good enough.

This belief is the one that something about you is not good enough.

For example, you may want to make the belief that you honestly admit your feelings, saying, “I really loved him.”

The declaration of releasing negative beliefs is “I will let go of the belief that I was rejected by him because something about me was not good.”

The positive thought becomes, “I really loved him,” and declares it four times.

The changes will be subtle, but they will come. Observe your emotions and thoughts for a few days. Be on the lookout for synchronicities in your life.

As you get used to it, keep finding it, which lighten yourself up, and you’ll find that it really changes your life.