QE healing

QE(Quantum Entrainment® ) healing is discovered by Dr. Frank J. Kinslow (U.S.A.). I like this method very much, because of its simpleness and deep understanding of spirituality.

The synchronicity with his Quantum Entrainment® happened within short period. Recently the idea of Quantum physics has been atracted me a lot. Then I came across two books of Dr.Kinslow; “The secret of Quantum living” and “The secret of instant healing”, which captuered my heart. Soon I attended his course at IAK Forum International (Germany) .

Quantum Entrainment® connect with Eufeeling so Dr.Kinslow named, which is the state of peace, unconditional love, bliss, nothing, Self, or so on. If you are spiritual seeker or meditator, it is very easy to understand what he is saying. It is very simple, and you do nothing but effect comes naturally, as it is.

For the animal, it effects in a few minutes. Our dog was totally wet after walking in the rain, and he was shivering. I did QE on him a few minutes, and he became much better. Then by testing muscle, his body showed the tuning fork; C &A, which is fire element and ascension. In one minute, he was completely calmed down.