There is nothing either good or bad, but …

Recently people often talk
that there is nothing either good or bad,
that just as you are.

In Kinesiology session we use the view point that there is nothing either good or bad.

Once you face your feeling, emotion, or thoughts when you are/ were in certain stress, and once you hold them as they are, the release of stress happens naturally.

Without escaping from it, without covering on it, without criticizing others, just to be yourself, by observing yourself, the energy become neutral, as if it goes back to space, then the real-visible -world is adjusted in the best condition for you and for the universe.

Then it seems everything around you settle down towards goodness which you feels happy for you and for those around you.

Why? Because the Universe is love, God is love.

Well, now, guess what will happen, if you act with the idea of the “there is nothing either good or bad” ?

Because “there is nothing either good or bad”, I (you) can steal something, I (you) can hurt someone or something, and so on. What will happen?

The event what happen after you action is the result of your speech, thought, or action..

You can accept the result as “there is nothing either good or bad” .

It does not matter it looks good or bad.

Because it might teach us something, it is love.

It might be “ Inscrutable are the ways of Heaven”, and something good is connecting to next event.

So, how the happy result, peaceful result can be born?

It seems that it comes from good view, good action, or good thoughts, which are all common teaching in any religion.

Everything acts according to the law of Karma. Everything is reflection of our emotion, mind and action.

It means everything is self-.responsibility.

Why is it better to chose “good”? Because we human being , universe, and everything is love.

Because the conscience which is love feels joy.

Then do not attach the result. It will be good to think every happening as result is good,t”here is nothing either good or bad”,

Sometimes your old habit or inner child comes out, then things can not go easy, so that you can not think, speak, act positively.

Like this condition, you do not have to criticize yourself, just reflect a bit on yourself, accept your mistake, then decide yourself “ I will watch out next time.”, then challenge again.

The Universe, the God always support you with big love, even you do not notice about it.