Tuning Fork Therapy

   Music heals our mind. So as the frequency of tuning forks which fit to the theme of the stress. They can tune our body and mind. The sound and frequency can cancell the noise of our body and mind, which helps them into harmonized state.

   Dr. Hans Jenny from Basel, Switzerland has proved the sound effect phenomena. His work demonstrates positive proof of the amazing power of sound to create form. The structures and objects created by the sound are like the pattern of zebra, insects, spiritual motives, etc.

   In my session, if your body tells the healing method of tuning forks, I use Chinese 5 elements Tuning forks (NICHION), Soler harmonic spectrum (BIO SONIC), Fibonacci (BIO SONIC), Angel tuner (BIO SONIC), Planetary tuners (BIO SONIC), or DNA tuner 528Hz.(Arno Barthelmes).

Chinese 5 elements Tuning forks