How to solve the problem of your relationships

Everyone struggles with relationships. It’s not just your problem.

That relationship tangle may have started with a minor misunderstanding, or you may not be able to find a reason, or it may have come from a past life.

But, you see, all of this has been formed within you. All your feelings, your belief, your words, thoughts, and emotions that caused you to react to the other person’s words and actions are also within you.

What if you could solve that problem with a simple little meditation like this? Please give it a try!

I have received these results from people who have tried it.

After this meditation, my boss, whom I had been difficult to be with, moved to another department.

I did not feel good with mother of a friend of my child , and I didn’t want my child to be in the same class with her after new school year. After this meditation, they were placed in different classes, and then, what a surprise,after for a while this mother and I have developed a good relationship.

I didn’t know why a friend of mine had cut me off. But after this meditation, I felt much better. Later, I heard that she had got cancer after she was cut off from me, but the cancer had recently disappeared for unknown reasons.

I had been thinking to leave my husband, but after the meditation, he became different person, he became kind to me, loves me more and we returned to a good relationship.

Now, let me explain about this little meditation.

1) Twice a day, at a specific time and place. It is best to do this in a quiet place where you can be alone.

2) Sit in that place, breathe deeply and quietly, and wait for your feelings to subside. If you are experiencing heightened emotions and are unable to calm down at this time, please do “How to release fear and anxiety” first, and then move on to this meditation.

3) At first, visualize in your heart the one that some holly existence such as God, Buddha, light, soul, or the universe. If you can’t visualize it, just you can imagine it.

4) Next, visualize or imagine the person you have stress with.

5) In that person’s heart area, visualize (or imagine) the same holy existence you have visualized in your own heart.

6) Then, say clearly, (you may or may not say it out loud.)

“I love (God, Buddha, light, etc.) in your heart.

In the beginning, your heart /mind won’t follow this phrase, but that’s okay. More you continue, more your mind gradually change to say it in a neutral way.

7) Gently open your eyes and take a deep breath.

8) I recommend you that you continue to do this twice a day, every day, until the problem is solved.