We are the Creator.

You know what, we are the Creator of our life. What do you think, how do you feel, if you hear that happiness, harmony, sadness, satisfaction, peace, trouble, everything is the creation of your mind, emotion, thought and action?

No way ! Because of her, I got problem. Because of my parents, I am like this. Because of my job, I am tired. Because of, because of. Yes, I know my fault, but he did this, she made that, he, she, they, this politics, rich people, the black curtain of this world did, does, will do … etc.etc.

We have tendency to see the world as if we stand in the centre of it, and think that I am small, I am not enough, I am helpless, I am victim, I cannot control, or I am right but others are wrong, I am doing but others are not.

Did you see it? “I” is the centre. Just it depends on how your mind reacts, how your mind reflects, or how your mind create thoughts, and emotions. When we see same thing, some might say beautiful, others might say no. Mr. A had grown up in a family with terrible condition. One sister suicided, one brother got insane, one brother got serious ill, but Mr.A was never affected and have grown up with healthy body and mind. So in the same condition, but each one reacts in his/her way, which depends on mind how to receive and react.

We chose our life by ourselves. We are the Creator, and we have the responsibility for our life. Everything is the reflection of our mind. “Everything“ means everything what you are involved, viz. your family, work and co-workers, friends, and environment. You have full responsibility on your life which involves your direct relationship and surroundings at first. When you are happy, your family is happy. When your family is happy, so as your city. When your city is happy, so as your country. When your country is happy, the world will be happy, Collective consciousness creates your common society, country, and the world. If you change the colour of your glasses to another colour, you will see your world in different way. It depends of you, wether you lead happy life, or unhappy life. It is you who create the quality of your life.

How? – Just change the direction of arrow of your mind. Appreciate to any happening of today. See good, think good, do good, that lead your life to the happiness. What is happening in your life now, is the result of your past. It is the manifestation of your action, thought, and emotion in past. And its manifestation is always good, there is no good nor bad, even it appears terrible, and you dont want to accept it. You are not alone. You are supported by universal love. You dont have to think that you must solve everything by yourself. You dont have to suppress it. Also Great Spirit often give you some chance to work on it again, thats why similar events or troubles happen repeatedly to let you aware. You can talk with your family, partner, good friends, or some occasion you may ask therapist or counselor.

By practicing, you will start to like yourself. Your character will slowly change and open, and your fate will change in better way. Of course, it will take long time, so we have to be patient to keep on going, not rush. You can start from small thing.

By attaining certain kinds of therapies or workshops, you will start to aware, “ Yes! it was created by my mind.”, or “ Oh, I am repeating same pattern.”. Until you solve the theme of your inner child, similar events happen repeatedly to let you realize. Kinesiology is wonderful gentle method to let us realize inner child and those patterns. We realize that our mind had created such a drama. If we live in dream state created by mind. So why not we can see happy dream. It is really true that we can create happy life when we connect with heart, love, peace, truth and right action.