What is Brain Update_

Brain Update has been created by Japanese kinesiologist Shinji Tanaka.
He is one of Japan’s leading therapists
who teaches how to live itself, and his passionate spirit is palpable.

As a human being who has been born,
he uses Kinesiology to focus on how to live on one’s own axis,
not on the axis of others,
how to find answers within oneself,
not on the fault of others,
and how to live with aspirations toward one’s destiny.

Brain Update (BU) Lift-Up Therapy is not a cosmetic facelift.
It is a therapy for releasing stress from the mind while pulling up the face.
Then your inner beauty will appear on your face.

Since the muscles of the face are close to the brain,
they influence the brain and are also influenced by the brain.

The frequency of BU tuning forks can tune
the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water)
in your mind and body,
from the noise to peace.

Negativity creates positivity.
The mind largely determines its direction.
With the help of the frequencies of the BU tuning fork,
It can neutralize the mind and help you to shift to natural aspect of your life.