Three tips to cure the disease

When you get sick, first of all,
smoking and drinking less,
moderate sleeping time, regular life, moderate exercise, hydration, etc.
are the basic things.
In addition to this,
there are three advice that will do a great job towards healing.

Advice 1: Change to vegetarian or vegan

When you reduce animal protein, your body’s metabolism changes dramatically.
It seems that many people get tired at first, when you change to veg/vegan diet.
That is because detoxification progresses.
Drink more warm water, exercise, so that your body will get rid of the poison.

“You don’t have to eat too much protein,” said Dr. Campbell, author of “The China Study”.
Ideally, you should get 0.8-1g of vegetable protein per kg of average body weight,
with 1g per kg of body weight for children and adolescents,
and 0.5g per kg of body weight for adults who do not move much.

Reference : Hinduism Today April/May/June 2008, p.60-61

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Advice 2: Detox

Today mother earth is polluted with various chemical substances.
Not only the environment, but also the food we eat every day.
Therefore, detoxifying the body often changes the symptoms of the disease.

Detoxification methods include fasting, petit fasting, liver cleaning,
intestinal cleaning, and mercury detox, and so on.

Fasting can be done by not eating anything other than water,
or by taking the spirulina, etc. and continuing for several days.

My favorite method is to drink only water instead of eating
on the days called Ekadasi, 3-4 days before the new moon, and full moon,
to be exact, on the 11th and 26th of the lunar calendar.
This Ekadashi Day is a wonderful day
in which the energy of the universe and God support the mindset of not eating.

Petit fasting is a method of eating a small amount of meat for about a week,
reducing alcohol, reducing tobacco,etc.
or vegetarian or vegan only for the full moon and new moon.

This saves some people from having shoulder surgery.

The late Dr. Moritz’s method is famous for liver cleaning.
This is to clean the liver after living vegan for 6 days
by using apple juice or Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate),
A lot of gallstones come out.
This is a way to cleanse the gallbladder and liver and promote detoxification of the body.

Intestinal cleaning should be done by a specialist.

You can also use Tissue salts for detoxification.
The number may be different in your country, so please check the name of remedy.

No.6 Kali-sulph. * Liver detoxification
No.9 Nat-phos. * Excretion of acid from the kidneys
No.10 Nat-sulph. * Activates the liver and overall metabolism
No.11 Silica Silica * Detoxification of connective tissue and kidney

It’s a good idea to change the time of the day.

The reason I added mercury cleansing is that
the amalgam in the teeth contains mercury
and it is used as a preservative in vaccines.

Sea fish contain a lot of mercury,
and in fact, pregnant women are warned by the Ministry of Health
not to eat large fish.

Mercury causes
ataxia, speech disorders, sensory disorders, movement disorders,
tunnel vision, and allergies.

For mercury detoxification, look for a clinic that will detoxify mercury.

You can also use homeopathic Mercury (Mercurius viv. or sol).

And while fasting and detoxing,
to remove poison from the body,
I suggest you to drink warm water more often,
to do relax whole body movement like yoga
and to relax yourself by meditation or other methods.

Advice 3: Relieve mental and emotional stress

It is said that 80% of the causes of illness come from the mind.
Whether you are on school medicine or natural therapy
I strongly recommend that you release your mental aspect at the same time.

The stress of the past or negative reaction has been piling up,
which stagnate your energy,
and you, the true yourself, the existence of love and light,
just entered the clouds and became hazy.

I recommend you to consult with your therapist.
There are things you can do by yourself,
but by receiving therapy, the therapist becomes a kind of mirror
and the stress that was hidden smoothly can be released.

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How to release your negative beliefs

In particular, the mental care is essential for the treatment of cancer.
First, being declared as cancer is associated with “death.”
You, your family, friends and acquaintances
all believe the cancer connects”death.”
This collective belief creates a great deal of negative energy.

At first, this belief needs to be neutral.

Also, some causes of cancer are shock or great stress.
Relieving the shock and stress will be a great force
to move the vector toward “living”
instead of toward “death”.

I suggest you one thing :
every morning (even on cloudy day) when you wake up,
declare to sun, or to the universe
“I’m living well all day today.”

If possible, declare it with your family.
This spirit of sound should produce big, strong, positive energy.